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Keeping your family safe and your dryer efficient. 

Dryer Vent Guy®️ provides total professional economical dryer vent cleaning and service with the most advanced technology, for the safety of your family. 

* Every year over 15,000 fires and multiple deaths are attributed to failing to clean the dryer's vent.(NFPA) 

* Carbon Monoxide, (an odorless poisonous gas), can build up from a partially or completely clogged gas dryer vent. 

* Allergens and black mold can be released into a home when: the dryer vent is not installed or maintained correctly, or during the cleaning of a vent by an unqualified person. Once the indoor air is compromised; these allergens and mold can harm people with respiratory problems and/or those with allergies.

 Dryer Vent Guy®️provides full dryer vent service.

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Flexible hours, we live where you live, we understand that evening and weekends are sometimes the best option.

Keeping your family safe and your dryer efficient.

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Dryer Vent Guy ®️ Uses a HEPA Rovac Vacuum System